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Founder Vivian Jeffress and Co-Owner Gina Ingrao both have over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry.

With multiple certifications and licensing, their specialties range from airbrush makeup application to microblading and hair services.

Along with their education, their attention to detail and friendly and upbeat personalities will make your beauty service experience fun and rewarding. 

​Both Vivian and Gina take pride in their artistry, and they build their company on the belief that their client's needs are of paramount importance. They both aim to make their clients happy, confident, and gorgeous.

Vivian, Gina, and their team constantly keep up with new trends, techniques, and products to give their clients a refined, modern look.

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In our opinion, makeup should be used to enhance the beautiful features of the face. We strongly believe that each client should look like the very best version of themself. Our key approach to finding the right look for each client is communication. Our client's specific desire, along with their personality, is what inspires us for each makeup look creation.

We can create a very natural and polished everyday look or a more glamorous and dramatic evening look depending on their specific needs. Women should not be intimidated by makeup; we can assist every client to accept it as a method to enhance themselves to look and feel their best. We gladly receive the chance to gain your trust, to deliver you the best work and service in the industry.

~ Vivian & Gina  

The  P B M Creators

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